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Writing Freelance Jobs Examples

Writing Freelance jobs have increased in popularity.

‘Freelance’ is a word that seems to imply that a writer has the freedom to start a job and quit as and when they feel like.

This is not the case with freelance jobs. Instead, a freelancer is contracted to do pieces of work here and there.

And this may involve working for different companies instead of working all the time for one company.

Had it not been for the stumbling block standing in the way, most writers would love to join freelance writing.

Finding genuine jobs that pay attractive salaries is a challenge.

Writing freelance jobs - The Challenges? 

  1. The whole process of searching for jobs and getting established in any chosen genre is not as smooth as it seems.

    The first task for any given freelance writer is to join other job searchers also looking for work

(2) Getting clients as a new freelance writer is not easy. For a  breakthrough you must know how to market yourself effectively.

(3) Writing a winning proposal is definitely one way of landing yourself the right job.

To learn more about how to do this checkout, The best 7 tips for freelance writing jobs

Finding genuine freelance writing jobs. is another challenge, a problem that most writers struggle with from time to time.

It may seem like there are vast opportunities out there for getting freelance writing jobs but coming across the perfect jobs that pay enough can be tricky.

For new beginners, the unpredictability of not knowing where your next pay cheque will come from is something unfathomable.

Freelance writers with excellent management skills tend to fare better in this field of work. Some of the projects they come across can be so absorbing and take all their time unless they have excellent time management skills. Having the ability to know when to stop and take a well-deserved break will pay off. 

Writing freelance jobs on Upwork platform

A colleague of mine joined Upwork and I can confidently share her experiences  on the online platform.

She found Upwork as a great place to find more clients.

However, the way you search for jobs on Upwork including the hiring process is different from other online platforms such as Freelancer, iWriter or Fiverr.

Firstly, you need to learn the processes that Upwork uses to be able to implement them.

All you need to do is to make time to read Upwork’s Guide that contains everything. 

Upwork welcomes independent professionals including agencies to join its community. 

You should register first to be able to work as a self-employed individual freelancer.

Agencies are also welcome and must go through the registration process. 

By agencies, I am referring to companies with employees who join to tackle projects together on Upwork platform.

Having said both freelancers and clients need to register, not all applications are successful.

Some candidates are declined. 

The approval process and what happens next?

You may have your application approved but clients have a tendency of inviting their ”favourite” freelance writers to submit bids. 

‘Favourite’ in the sense that they meet the client’s search criteria in terms of what type of work they specialise in. Also, how they have been previously rated after completing similar jobs counts.

What makes your profile stand out?

For you to stand out among other freelance writers on Upwork platform you need to create a profile that shows off your achievements including your ratings, portfolio, job success scores and qualifications.

It’s essential to indicate the time you will take to complete the work you are assigned to do and how much you charge. All these factors will be taken into serious consideration for you to win a bid.

If a client is impressed by the freelance writer application, the writer is invited for an interview.

An interview is a special time to get the contract clarified. The client gets the opportunity to ask specific questions to help determine the best terms for the contract.

Another hurdle in the way of progress is that most freelance writers are not free to explore their writing talent due to the restrictive nature of pieces of work they get asked to write. They are given parameters within which to write.

More often than not a client will request a freelancer to write for them but writing from a certain angle that is very specific. This gives the freelancer little room for creativity. As a result, freelancers are confined to adhering to those given guidelines and specifications.

Very often the pay rates are very low for new writers. New starters, in particular, are most likely to attract few clients because they would have completed fewer contracts and that means having fewer ratings on their portfolios compared to their counterparts with more.


Make money blogging

The brighter side to freelance writing jobs is when writers are able to write from their own blogs. This gives them the freedom to write in a niche of their choice and to write for an audience that they personally choose. In most cases opting for topics that are of interest to them.

The ABC to monetising your writing

If you choose the route to write from your own website you can monetise your writing by joining affiliate marketing programmes. A subject I have covered in great detail, How To Start Your Blog For FREE With Web Host. It is worth giving it a try because freelance jobs are increasingly getting popular.


You may want to know where I get this idea from. There is plenty of evidence to substantiate the observation that freelance writing jobs are getting some recognition.

For instance, the Telegraph newspaper highlighted this and the office for National Statistics made the same observation. 

(1) According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of self-employed people in the UK (2015) has risen by 30,000.

(2) The Telegraph Newspaper, 12 November 2015 notes that London is the top spot for freelancers, some of whom command hourly fees of up to  £ 70.00.

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Writing Freelance jobs

The jobs freelancers do?

Below is a short but not an exhaustive list of jobs done through Upwork, I have just handpicked. 

  1. Web Designers


  2. Writers: Blog Writers, Content Writers, Copywriters.


  3. Virtual Assistants: Personal Assistants, Transcriptionist.


  4. Web Researchers.


  5. Customer Service Agents: Phone support specialists, Email support experts, Live chat support.


  6. Sales & Marketing Experts.


  7. Accountants & Consultants: Tax Accountants, Bookkeepers, Financial Modelers.

Where can I get training?

This is the million dollar question because genuine training providers to equip people with writing skills are not easy to come by.


  1. The Writers Bureau is one place that quickly comes to mind which provides first class training. In addition to training, the Writers’ Bureau goes an extra mile. It teaches you how to market yourself. I have written a review of one of the courses Writers Bureau delivers Writers Market Research.


  2. Wealthy Affiliate Join Wealthy Affiliate University where you can start your journey to online success.

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