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Writing a Newspaper Article - Feature- Writing HelpWriting Advice For Writing A Nespaper Article


Are you a new reporter struggling to write a newspaper article feature? This post will leave you with some hints and tips for beginners. Hopefully, by the time you finish reading, you will be fully equipped to write articles, media releases, case studies, blog posts and social media content. My intention is to encourage you to push the boundaries of the journalist form. 


Why write feature stories? 


Writing feature stories is increasingly gaining popularity. As a result, there is an increase in features getting published by newspapers and magazines. This genre of writing articles for newspapers is mainly centred on lifestyles. It covers a whole range of subjects that cover food and environmental issues.


Writing Features – What Are The Perks?


Feature stories offer journalists a rare opportunity to divert from the conventional news reporting to writing more creatively.


To have a step by step guide on how to write a feature I recommend you read this book, Writing Feature Stories: How to Research and Write Newspaper and Magazine Articles written by Ricketson, M. (2004). Its an excellent guide especially for those who struggle with writing features. 


Newspaper Articles Style 


(1) Newspaper articles are quick and to the

(2) They are not infused with a lot of opinion

(3) They are more inclined towards facts.
     They are plain
and simple.

The style for writing newspaper articles may not seem to involve a lot of fun but its actually one of the most important types of writing skills you should have.


Who is the world’s largest employer for writers? 


Speaking from a global angle, newspapers are the largest employers of writers followed by most companies that are not in the writing industry but look up to hiring people who write newspaper articles.


What Makes A Good Article?


Writing Helps a thousand words

           A picture says a thousand words 

(1) Good Headline especially articles for online publications and magazines.

(3)  Should include quotes from interviews.
(4)  Should be written in short paragraphs.(5)  Should have a picture added.


It goes without saying that a good newspaper article begins with a good headline to entice readers to make an effort to follow up and read the whole story.


Begin your article with some enticing wording. In the body, stick to the facts where you can use a more generic title. However, the space you are allocated for your article determines how much your title needs to be shortened. 


Other online publications like magazines look for more enticing titles that tell readers about the main idea or theme of the article.


Don’t forget to mention that your article contains a “surprise” or a “secret.” These two words are magic! They drive traffic or more clicks you can ever imagine. They work very well for driving people to your articles.


In the body of your article, add some good quotes from interviews. Quotes work like magnets that attract people. They spice up things by making your article more personable or something they relate to. Quotes add human quality and allow you to break the flow of facts. 


However, always try not to have more than three sentences per paragraph. You can always add some more after a relevant quote or at the end of the article. The idea is not to cramp your article. Otherwise, it will risk being spiked by the editor or put in thin columns. 


Nothing beats the style of writing with short paragraphs. They look more appealing and are readable. The idea is not to get carried away by writing long and interesting paragraphs that are full of information.


The sad thing is many people skip reading them. So, what is the point in writing lengthy paragraphs?


Never underestimate the power of images. To write good newspaper articles, add at least one picture. A picture says a thousand words. A captivating picture will make the difference to your readability. Make your article livelier and engaging by adding a picture. 


In a nutshell, these are the simple steps or the basics you need to for learning how to write newspaper articles. Once you grasp these fundamentals you can quickly write articles for any newspaper and do it with so much ease.


If you want to make money on the internet selling features, follow these simple steps. These are the basics for writing newspaper articles. 


Writing a Newspaper Article – Common Mistakes


I will share with you the common mistakes writers make when writing newspaper articles. To hear it from the source I recommend you read Bob Mayer’s book,102 Solutions to Common Writing Mistakes.


(1) Departing from your original intention.

Before you start writing your article, sit down and ask yourself what is your original creative idea which has initiated it? What is the intention behind your article?


Write it down and pin it onto the noticeboard where you can see it and that will put you on track. Having the original idea in front of you will keep you focused to write in support of your theme.


(2) Not having a grasp of what it means to communicate.

As a writer, try to figure out your reader’s perspective on the subject at hand. “Go out of your head and into the reader’s head.” Do the words you are using get an intellectual or emotional response?


One way you can find out is to read comments that are left by your readers. They will give you a clue if the message you shared came across clearly.


(3) Failure to identify your audience.

Many times writers disconnect from their audience. If you want to submit your article to a newspaper, study the newspaper first to establish the people who read it. When you write your article, have the reader at the back of your mind.


(4)  5 Ws and 1H

Including the 5 Ws and 1H is the secret for writing Complete News Stories. You can’t talk about journalism without mentioning the 5 Ws and the 1 H. It is the way to starting a newspaper article. It’s a concept that is helpful when writing factual news stories. It is believed your story isn’t complete until you answer all the 5 Ws and 1 H.


Let’s take a look at the type of information you need to include in the 5 Ws and 1 H when you are writing a news report.


(1) Who was involved?

(2) What happened?

(3) Where did it take place? Did it happen
     outside the
Buckingham Palace?

(4) When did it take place at various times
        throughout the day?

(5) Why did it happen? How did it happen?


Each time you outline a story, walk through the 5 Ws and the 1 H to see if you have left out anything. 


Writing the perfect Letter for Newspapers


Newspapers are always looking for letters from readers to fill the last slot on their print page. The type of letters they accept tend to be topical and well-argued. Above all, should be of the right length. 


To improve the chances of your letter appearing on print, keep your letter short. Don’t go round and round in circles but get your facts straight and to the point. Also, write your letters with a pinch of humour.


How to maximize getting my letter printed?


First and foremost, you need to understand the processes the newspaper uses.

  • Some newspaper letters are not commissioned, thus should reflect the readers’ agenda.


  • Readers should disclose their real identities and verification information when submitting letters. Otherwise, they risk not getting published.


  • Adhere to newspaper length, in- house style, relevance and tone.

  • Most newspapers prefer to publish robust views and decline letters with abusive or personal and derogatory comments.

A sample for A Letter to the Leicester Mercury


Letter/Comments: Bird Flu Story Published: 7 February 2007

Recent news reports alleging that meat infected with H5N1 bird flu might have already reached supermarket shelves here in the UK came as a great shock to me. What it means is that consumers are now faced with a new threat. So far all they had been informed was that bird flu posed no real threat to the general public unless they either stayed in close proximity with infected poultry or were directly involved in rearing them.


Nevertheless, there was very little or no information at all to educate people about the aftermaths, in the event that such a mishap occurred. The likely consequences of consuming or getting into contact with bird flu – infected poultry, should have been given equal publicity.


At this stage, consumers need to be equipped with information on all the survival tactics. Its high time scientists and other health experts educated us about the safety measures to take, to ensure H5N1 stayed out of our bloodstreams. For instance, it is a known fact that the H5N1 virus cannot withstand long hours of heating.

If people cooked their poultry properly and avoided consuming it half-cooked, chances would still be there to eliminate bird flu. I am not going into details in explaining how the poultry should be cooked as my knowledge in this area is limited. Instead, if experts were to do the job, they would undoubtedly allay many public fears about the spread of the disease.


Following the bird flu outbreak at Suffolk, much attention has been focused on the source of the problem. Whilst it is equally important to establish whether wild birds or a plant in Hungary was the source, the general public needs basic information surrounding the disease as well: how it is transmitted, prevented, and so on.  

(296 words)


 If you have any questions in relation to Writing a Newspaper Article – Feature, please leave them below. I will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as I can.






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    Interesting article! I used to be a columnist for a paper so if you haven’t somewhere else on the blog you could also write about the differences between columns and articles.

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    But I really love that you had advice for writing a Letter to the Editor. 

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