The Secret Of WordPress Plugins

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Boost Your WORDPRESS PLUGINS With These Tips 

In your quest to improve your writing online, you can’t afford not to have the right writing tools.  A website is one of the most important tools you can’t run your blog without. That is where your blog will be operating from. A website is also the storehouse of your writing business.

How best you can make your website effective?

Plugins are the answer. WordPress Plugins are not only essential for your website but contribute to the ultimate success of your business. For your website to thrive you need to install the right plugins. 

There is a broad range of plugins within WordPress that you can make use of. However, you need to be careful in what you put inside your website. Installing a plugin on your site is like inviting a stranger into your own home. You can’t allow everyone inside your home unless you are 100 % convinced you are doing the right thing.

The same applies to plugins. Before you install any plugin you need to make sure your website really needs it. Is it going to enhance its functions? Do some digging to find out how the plugin has been rated by those who used it. You get this information in reviews.

Also, the more plugins you have on your website the more load your website server will have to lead to slowing down your site. When you understand how plugins work, their purpose and how they interact with your website it makes the difference.

Did you know that WordPress is the most widely used platform for managing websites in the entire world?

The reason is WordPress is open to the public and the public can utilise the code. Knowing how to use and manage plugins is crucial.

Start off by activating the Plugins that are an important aspect of WordPress. There are two plugins that come preinstalled with your website.

Plugin #1: EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin will compress images that you upload to your website. As a result, your website images get smaller and will load quicker. This makes your website more efficient, run faster and leads to better rankings in search engines.

Plugin All In One SEO

This plugin is very useful in the setup and structuring for search engines. It’s used for managing your “meta” tags. Try your best to create the first 140 characters of your content to contain my keyword so that it will appear in your Meta Description.

When you create keywords that appear in the Meta tags at the very beginning of your content, the All In One plugin will automatically use it for the Meta Description which it auto-generates from the first 160 characters of your content. 

So, Meta tags are really important in relation to how search engines display your content within the search results. All in One SEO plugin has a lot of other awesome features. Your first task is to activate these two plugins to enable them to start “working” on your website.

To do this:

  • Click the “Plugins” tab within your side menu in WordPress. This will open up the Plugins menu, showing you all the plugins that you have installed on your website.
  • Check off both of these plugins, and then within the drop-down, select “Activate.”
  • After you have done this, click the Apply button and your plugins are activated. It is simple as that!
  • Now that your Plugins are activated, go to settings and complete the process.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are feature enhancements you can install on your website. They plug into your website and unlock to create more functionality of your website.

Plugins include social plugins that allow visitors to your website to share your posts on social media. If you don’t have social sharing capabilities on your website, you need to install plugins and they will allow your website visitors to quickly and easily share your pages, posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc.

There are also, e-commerce plugins to help you sell your own products directly from your website. There are over 45 000 diff types of plugins.

What do Exactly Plugins do To Your Website?

Essentially, a plugin is an extension of the core features of word press. It enhances the already handsome features WordPress has.

  1. Provide a better user experience for your traffic.
  2. Enhances core features of the site.
  3. Streamline the creation process.


  • Login to your site (Website & Hosting > Log Me In).
  • Go to Plugins > Add new. 
  • Search for your plugin uploads your plugin.
  • You have the option to Search for a plugin or upload it if you purchased it or downloaded.
  • o add a plugin you go to the Dashboard side of your website admin and click Add New and enter the plugin’s name into the search bar.

    Proceed with installation and activation to enable the plugins on your site. For the thorough configuration please the video below.

If you have any questions in relation to my post The Secret Of WordPress Plugins please leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.

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