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Great Tips For Writing A Review Writing Sample

In this article my intention is to leave you with great tips for writing a review. In this instance, a review for an eBook entitled,  Fight Against Feelings of Low Self-Esteem – Can Young People Win?

This is a follow-up to the post I wrote earlier, The Secret to Writing a Review.To write a good review, the Persuasive Writing Style is best suitable to use. 

The purpose of writing a book reviews

The purpose of writing book reviews is to share personal experiences and views about a  book in particular. 

This helps other readers to decide whether they should also read the book. A book review should say in a nutshell what the book is about and an overall evaluation. 

A Book Review Sample

Introduction: Author website:
Website: Amazon
Price: £ 2.23
Overall Rank: 8 out of 10.

This is a Kindle eBook and belongs to the Quick-Reads book category. A Quick-Read book does what the name says. It is more suitable for the modern-day person who is constantly busy. 

Briefly explain what the book about

The purpose of this book is to encourage young people who struggle with low self-esteem to overcome the problem through positive thinking. 

Book Information

Sold by:



Kindle Edition
10 Pages
Amazon Media EU S.r.lEnglish
Text-to-speech, Word wise, Enhanced typesetting
Nonfiction-Family relation, Peers – Low self esteem.

Low Self-Esteem, Young PPPeople, Felins

The Good: PROS #1

This eBook is written in an engaging manner. The targeted audience, first and foremost, is the young people and other groups that work closely with youngsters.

This book is in the quick-reads category. The good thing is the 10-page eBook does not take much time to read it. The advantage of a Quick Read is you can read it on the go. This eBook is packed with advice and some really useful information for parents and young people out there. 

It’s that kind of book designed with young people in mind with their busy lifestyles so that they can read it on the go. The book’s short length does not compromise the quality of the book.

PROS #2 

The eBook is a really useful book for young people who are grappling with feelings of low self-esteem. Hopefully, after reading it, young people get a boost to their confidence.


People can read this eBook using a desktop computer, a tablet and a mobile phone.


The book is educative on key issues which cover:

  1. Low self-esteem
  2. How young people are seen in terms of making decisions.
  3. Influence of peer pressure in choosing
    subjects of further education.
  4. Everyone has their insecurities.
  5. How young people can overcome feelings
    of low self-esteem. 

PRO #5

The author wrote the eBook with a mindset of solving a problem not just for young people but for society at large.

The eBook also addresses a Fear or a concern. Lastly, the author managed to satisfy people’s Curiosity about the mystery around young people and low self-esteem.

The Bad: CONS #1

This eBook is not yet available in a paperback version. This is a disadvantage for people who would have preferred to buy the paperback version.

It is important to have eBooks in the paperback version as well to reach out to many. eBooks are not everyone’s cup of tea and not all people like paperbacks. So, there is a need to balance it up. 

As a writer, if you want to broaden your horizon, you must have your book available in both print formats. And this gives more people access to your book.

Who is The Fight Against Feelings of Low Self-Esteem eBook For?

The audience for this eBook is young people aged from 12 years going upwards, mostly teenagers. Adults too and people who work with young people will benefit from reading this book.

The eBook gives them insight into the issues around teenagers’ self-confidence. Also, the book offers a solution to solve such problems.

Young people will understand that they are not alone, at least there is a solution to the problem of low self-esteem.

The eBook may also give counsel to young people to take full control of their lives instead of taking the shots from fellow peers.

eBook support

The support is in terms of enhanced typesetting improvements for faster reading and with less eye strain. Also, the eBook has beautiful page layouts so that you can read it in larger font sizes. In addition, its screen reader supported. 

The eBook price

This eBook price is  £2.23, quite a reasonable amount within most people’s reach especially the young people. The highest price I have come across for an eBook on the Amazon platform is £64.99. 

My final verdict

A must-have eBook for every youth who is school going and struggles with self-esteem issues.

The book is equally beneficial to groups of people who spent most of their time with young children such as teachers and parents.

Hopefully, this ebook review will showcase how best to write reviews. If you have any questions about the Fight Against Feelings of Low Self-Esteem eBook Review, please leave them below and I will be very pleased to respond as soon as I can.

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