The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs

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How to find a world-class freelance writing job quickly?

In this post, I intend to leave you with some tips to help you find the dream freelance writing job you’re looking for. I will walk you through the steps that every freelance writer can use to improve their chances of finding writing jobs.

I’ve come to realise that the main issue freelance writers are faced with at the beginning of their careers is the failure to find a steady stream of clients.

How a writer earns a Living?
Writers who choose the route to publish their books, earn their living from book sales and other publications they sell.

Freelance writing is another way writers can earn a living. However, finding the right jobs is the main obstacle for many unless they know how to sell themselves.

Hopefully, by the time you finish reading this article, you will be able to write a bid that wins you a good contract.

Also, this post is a continuation of, writing freelance jobs.

What freelance writers do?
Unlike a novelist whose primary focus is to get a book published, a freelance writer works on different projects, and at times writing for different clients.

A freelance writer’s priority is to find great clients that sustain a steady flow of income but this does not come easy. This leaves us with a question.

What does it take for a freelance writer to get a reliable pool of clients?

  1. You need to know where to search for jobs and who to send your application to.
  2. Do some digging – do some research to find the type of proposal or the type of CV that lands you the right clients. Most importantly, how much you will get paid.
  3. Write a good profile that stands out. 

Why would a freelance writer need a profile?

The Benefits of a profile
The best secret for your career progression as a freelance writer is having a great profile. 

A profile is that strategic place where you market yourself.

How to write a winning proposal for freelance writing jobs?
Writing a winning proposal should not be taken lightly because it’s like refining your toolkit for personal branding.

Make a strong first impression. You can achieve this by including the following in your proposal.

  • Introduce yourself
    It’s easier to introduce yourself if you’ve already done so in your profile. Tell the client why you want to be allowed to work on the project.
  • Are you qualified for the freelance writer job and do you understand what it involves? 

    It’s your opportunity to demonstrate that you understand the project at hand and that you are the best person (writer) to do it.
  • Customise your profile to meet the customer’s needs.
    To meet the customer’s needs pay attention to detail and show your client that you have read the fine threads to the proposal.

    Pull things out including the minor details to explain to address what needed. 

Take time to read the job specifications.
You may be asked to answer certain questions. To avoid missing any details, take time to read the job specification so that you grasp what is required of you.

Work Experience
Give examples to support your answers to prove that you have done certain jobs.

If you haven’t done them, just say so. It’s equally good to give examples of something related to what you would have done.

If you feel you have no examples to give, the best way is to pick a different job.

Write a profile summary.
A summary simply means a brief or short version of your profile. It does an excellent job to sell your key skills including your work experience.

Don’t include everything in your profile summary. It does an excellent job to sell your key skills plus your work experience. 

A brief introduction.
It must be an introduction about yourself, your skills, qualifications and what you have to offer.

Give your potential clients the assurance that you are the real deal and you are capable to perform the job roles.

Specify your line of work.
Explain the type of work you specialise in as a professional freelance writer.

Feel free to use your work title, the areas of work you specialize in or your tagline.

You need to give examples of how well you have carried out similar tasks in the past using the STAR guide.

The Situation you were in, Tasks you accomplished, the Actions you took leading to the successful execution of duties and the Results (STAR).

4. Client Feedback
Highlight the feedback you have received from your clients as evidence to back up your achievements.

5. Engaging Video
To enhance your profile, you need to think outside the box.

For example, use an engaging video to build an engaging portfolio.

6. Ensure the job you do matches your niche.
The job description and work history you give should be more targeted to the niche you specialise in.

In other words, craft your work history in such a way that it is targeted to the job that is advertised.

7. Learn How To Bid.
Make sure you bid the correct pricing by cross-checking with other freelance writers to find out what they are charging.

Figure out the number of hours you need and then double them. If you underbid, you end up not happy. So it is always better to overbid.

State your pay rate You should indicate your desired hourly pay rate. 

Hopefully, this post ‘The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Jobs’ will help you to find jobs to sustain a steady inflow of income.

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6 Comments to “The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs”

  1. Chloe says:

    Hello there, thanks for sharing this really helpful post. 

    Freelance writing has been one very effective means of making money online and there are so many people out there who are gifted with the ability to write quality stuff with relative ease.

    However, amongst these people only a few know how to go about this job. 

    Looking at these tips you have given here, I must admit they are just the best to help anyone who is serious about freelance writing to be successful in it.

    A really nice post you have here.

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, Chloe, thanks for sparing your precious time to read my  post, ‘ ‘The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs.’  Also, for leaving invaluable feedback.

      I’m really pleased that you found my post informative and the tips I shared useful. That’s so encouraging.

  2. Rodarrick says:

    An excellent article this is and I must say that I found it very helpful to me. 

    Most people often underrate the purpose of having a well-written profile that is unique and honest. Most clients often look for freelancers that are unique even from their profile. 

    That would Crete a good impression. Also, landing a work requires having the winning formula through the perfect application. 

    The client must be able to create trust through the application and other things to create the best impression. You have really shared some great tips

    1. Femia says:

      Hi Rodarrick, many thanks for the time you have put aside to read my post ‘The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs.’ Also, for leaving some encouraging comments.

      I’m glad to hear that you found the information I’ve shared informative. 

      Hopefully, this will help other writers who have been struggling to find regular clients.

  3. Henderson says:

    Wow, if I had read your post before when I was working as a freelancer then I would’ve been successful and I wouldn’t have dropped out as a freelancer. 

    It’s not too late I guess and I have learnt today about writing a good profile and how to bid as well. 

    With this, I guess I can go back to it but I have to be mentally ready as well. 

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Femia says:

      Hi, thanks for sparing the time to read my post. ‘The Best 7 Tips For Freelance Writing Jobs.’ Also, for leaving some awesome feedback.

      I’m pleased to hear that you found my tips useful. I agree with you that it’s never too late to continue chasing your dream of finding a freelance writing job.

      You are in a better place now taking into consideration all the experience you’ve gathered that comes with a lot of writing practice and the confidence of knowing what needs to be done next.

      Best wishes for the way forward.

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