The Best Way Of Writing A Review

Great Tips For Writing A Review Writing Sample In this article my intention is to leave you with great tips for writing a review. In this instance, a review for an eBook entitled,  Fight Against Feelings of Low Self-Esteem –…

How To Monetise A Blog For Writers

How To Monetise A Blog For A Writer is simple. Firstly, you need to have an interest in something and build a website. Then, you start writing content for your blog and join affiliate marketing programmes to earn money from.

Check My Debt – Writing Features

‘Check My Debt’ Writing Sample For Writing Features ‘Check My Debt’ is a writing sample for writing features. My intention is to leave you with a feel of the practical side to the writing exercise.  BETTY from Kent was snuggling up…

Short Story Ideas – Beginners Writing Advice

6 most compelling short story writing ideas  Ideas for writing short stories in your favourite genre are plenty. Knowing where to begin can be challenging at times. My intention is to leave you with 6 most compelling short story writing ideas….

A Writing Sample For A Short Story Article

‘Can Dreams Come True?’ – Short Story Writing Sample    ‘Can Dreams Come True?’ is a sample for writing a short story article. An article suitable for submission to a publication that is looking for short stories with a given theme….

Creative Nonfiction Writing

An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing     What is creative nonfiction writing? The genre of creative nonfiction (literary nonfiction) is broad. It includes travel writing, nature writing, science writing, sports writing, biography, autobiography, memoir, the interview and both the…