My Upwork Review

My Upwork Review

How To Start A Freelance Writing Job At UPWORK


One of the tried and tested ways you can make money writing online and work from the comfort of your sofa (remotely) is by joining the Upwork platform to work as a freelance writer. If you want to hear my honest and open opinion about this online platform continue to read my Upwork review.


Firstly, I will walk you through the steps to joining Upwork and how the programme actually works. I am sure in every 9 out of 10 cases of people searching for ways to monetise their writing, one of their burning questions is to unearth if the Upwork programme is legit or a scam?


Hopefully, by the time you finish reading my Upwork review, I would have answered this question. For a writer to write a good review, using a Persuasive Writing Style will deliver the job.



Who Can Work On Upwork Platform?

Upwork is a web-based platform that relies on a steady pool of skilled freelancers to tackle project work. These freelancers work remotely and work independently. However, it’s not just freelancers you get to find on Upwork but agencies or employers as well. Upwork enables employers to hire and pay freelancers for project support. So, both employers and freelancers get connected at Upwork.

Writing Help at hand

Writing Freelance Jobs on Upwork Platform

 (1) Freelancers get contracted to provide writing services of all forms including Academic Writing and Research, Article and Blog Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Editing and Proofreading, Grant Writing, Resumes and Cover Letters, Technical Writing and Web Content. 

(2) Web, Mobile and Software Development.
(3) Engineering and Architecture.
(4) IT and Networking
(5) Design and Creative
(6)  Data Science and Analytic
(7)  Admin Support
(8)  Customer Service
(9) Sales and Marketing: SEO – Search
      Engine Optimization
(10)  Accounting and Consulting
(11)  Admin support plus thousands of other

Upwork makes it fast, simple, and cost-effective to find, hire, work with, and pay the best professionals anywhere, any time.




STEP 1: Firstly, sign up for an account and choose the membership plan you prefer. Bear in mind, you can change your membership plan later. One thing to note, though, is there are 2 forms of membership plans. The first is the Freelancer Basic membership plan for FREE. The second is the Freelancer Plus membership plan for $10 every month. It comes with premium benefits which include everything else included in the Freelancer Basic. 



STEP 2: Create your profile. To stand out, complete as many fields as possible. A good profile should fully expose your skills and give examples of your experience, indicating your desired hourly pay rate. 



STEP 3: Set up your payment option to get ready to get paid. You also need to clarify how you want to receive your earnings. Upwork recommends freelancers to set up two different fund transfer methods so that they can be paid easily. 



STEP 4: Messages and Communication – Make use of the messaging systems in place to organize and manage discussions. It is important to communicate with your clients, sync and share deliverables. 



STEP 5: Skill Tests: Prove your skills and impress your potential clients by taking a few Upwork tests for free! The more relevant tests you pass, the more professional you will look. After going through all the preliminary steps, you are now ready to find work. The next thing is to search for jobs according to job titles. 



This will take you to the next step of writing a proposal for that job followed by:

(1)  Submitting your proposal to the employer. 

(2)  If the employer is interested in you, he will send a message to arrange an interview. 

(3)  Be prepared for the interview to discuss how you will do the job, time frames and when to start.



(4)  When everything has been agreed, its time to draft a contract. Make up your mind if you prefer your contract to be on a fixed payment or an hour’s rate. 



(5)  If it is an hourly contract, you need to track time with the desktop app. Upon completing the job you get your timesheet and the employer will process your payment. Please note, Upwork Fees and PayPal fees get deducted. 



(6)  Finally, your pay is deposited into your account. 

Did You Know Employers Can Assess Freelancers By Viewing Their Upwork Profiles?

If you knew your profile is your secret weapon to YOUR SUCCESS you would make an effort to make it stand out. Below are Key Things to include in your profile:

♦ Work experience and samples

♦  Client feedback

♦  Skills test scores  



Employers also look out for freelancers who are in the Top Rated and Rising Talent programs. After choosing the freelancer best suitable for the job, employers go ahead to have a quick interview with their top candidate so that they can answer some questions related to their projects. 



Who Is Upwork For? 

Upwork is for Individual freelancers who are self-employed including small companies with a specific skill set, looking to work on their own. As well as agencies and freelancers with subcontractors planning to tackle projects together on Upwork. 

Pros / Cons

Getting on the Upwork platform gives you an opportunity to work with great clients and at the same time to earn money. The amazing thing is you get to work with people coming from all corners of the globe. You work with peace of mind knowing after you deliver the work you have been contracted to do, you are going to GET PAID because of Upwork’s Payment Protection programs in place. 



Upwork charges service fees of: 20% / 10% / 5% depending on the amount billed to the client. The only downside is the disappointment you get if you charge a client without taking these service fees into consideration. As it will lower down the amount you get paid. Writing a winning proposal in terms of winning project bids can be challenging especially for newbie freelances who have no ratings to show off from their profiles. Unless freelancers are able to write good profiles, getting clients can be challenging. 



However, Upwork provides hints and tips on how a freelancer can make a great first impression. With this useful guide, freelancers can write profiles that are complete, accurate and show off all their skills, services and accomplishments. 


Training and Support

New freelancers are given an ebook ‘A Freelancer’s Guide to Upwork’ to explain how things are done. This is coupled with training resources such as Tests and Videos freelancers.are recommended to use and take advantage of. 



Upwork has set some tests freelancers can take for free to enhance their skills. I have just handpicked a few listed below:

♦  English Spelling Test

♦  Telephone Etiquette Certification

♦  Internet Marketing Test

♦  Bookkeeping Test

♦  Virtual Assistant Skills Test

♦  SEO Test 



Final Verdict

Upwork has put safety measures in place to avoid spammers from taking advantage of freelancers. To avoid this from happening, Upwork pops up reminder messages to encourage all communications with clients to remain on Upwork platform, where a record is kept. Support and assistance for freelancers revolve all the time and its nonstop. Freelancers get help from the Customer Support team 24/7. Unlike other places where you get automated responses, the support team is LIVE and REAL people who are there to help freelancers solve Upwork-related issues such as dispute resolution.



My final VERDICT is the Upwork freelance platform is a legit programme. You may not be interested in becoming a freelancer writer but prefer something else.



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Hopefully, you have found my review of the Upwork Freelance programme useful. Please feel free to leave your comments below.


2 Comments to “My Upwork Review”

  1. charles says:

    Thank you for this informative review. You have answered one of my burning questions, Is Upwork Freelance Platform legit or a Scam?
    After reading your post, I now know it is a legitimate programme. Also, what confused me are the membership plans. I guess $10.00 is not much compared to the benefits Premium Membership plan has.
    I have a question to ask you if you don’t mind. Do you think I can earn a decent living by becoming an upwork freelance writer?

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, thank you for sparing your time to leave some invaluable comments.
      I’m really over the moon to hear that my post has clarified certain areas of the Upwork Freelance programme that was not clear to you.
      I agree with you, you are better off taking the Freelancer Plus membership plan for $10 every month since it comes with premium benefits which include everything else included in the Freelancer Basic.
      Coming to your question, you can earn a living being an Upwork Freelance writer. It all depends on the level of your expertise and your rating. Among the highest paid freelancers at Upwork earn $50 per hour.
      To be more specific, a Live PPC Ads specialist earns this much.
      Also, it depends on how many clients the freelancer is able to get.

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