iWriter Review – Is It Worthy It?

iWriter Review – Is It Worthy It?

iWriter – Is it legit or a scam?


Hopefully, by the time you finish reading my iWriter review, you will know for sure whether iWriter is legit or a scam. Did you know that one of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) by writers is iWriter online platform legitimate or a scam?


I will walk you through a few steps leading to joining the iWriters online platform. And this will be from a freelancer’s perspective. 


What is the programme all about?

iWriter is a platform for writing website content. There are two levels of participation.

(1) You are free to join iWriter as a freelance writer to work alongside other writers from all corners of the world.

(2) Alternatively, you can join iWriter as a customer or client to order content.


The content that gets created at iWriter is based on a very broad range of topics. Although you are given parameters to filter down and narrow your focus, the topics largely remain generic to deal with. And the type of content freelance writers choose from is wide-ranging.


(1) Blog posts
(2) Press releases
(3) eBooks
(4) Kindle Books
(5) Amazon reviews
(6) Cover letters. 

We all know how broad Amazon products are including the Sports Niche which in itself is so diverse. As a freelance writer at iWriter, your assignment is to pick a topic for writing content. You write as quickly as possible within a limited short time frame. Once you start writing your article you are not allowed to put it on hold for a moment to resume at a later stage. 

Once you start writing, you must continue up to completion because everything is fast-tracked with a desktop app. Otherwise, you will risk getting negative feedback or getting your copy rejected.


The feedback and ratings you get for every article you write go straight to your profile which is open for public viewing. Delivering articles of good quality will lead you to get more work and more clients. Having negative feedback can only tarnish your reputation and destroy your prospects of getting hired. 

How do I become an iWriter Freelance Writer?

Step 1:  Register your account for Free. To get registered first sign up an account. This will give you access to start writing content on the iWriter platform. Registration involves completing a form where you provide information around your username, full name, address, PayPal email address and a telephone number.


Step 2: Before you select the type of content you want to write, you need to filter your search and narrow the kind of projects you want to deal with. Choose topics that best suit your skills and experience. For example, writing content on travel, blogs, religion etc.  


All writers begin from a Standard Level and progress to the Elite Level. Each gets payments that match their different transitional stages as shown below. 


(1) To move from Standard level up to Premium level, you need to write 30 articles with good ratings between the range of 4.1 – 4.5 stars.

(2) After writing 30 or more articles with good ratings you are eligible to move from Premium Level to Elite Level.

(3) iWriter recently introduced a Fast Track Program that bypasses all these initial stages so that you get promoted instantly. To be able to do that you are required to pay an annual subscription fee of $147. 00.


Step 3: Choose your topic and begin to write content. A large list of projects is submitted by clients and freelancers choose the topics they are comfortable with.



Step 4: After submitting your content, the client will review it and the client will either accept or reject your content depending on quite a number of reasons. 

Who is iWriter For? 

I personally feel iwriter is a programme that is more beneficial to its owners. Also, to freelance writers who are above Standard Level who have a more reliable client base.


Certain clients ask to get their content written by writers they have dealt with before who would have given them a satisfactory service.

Pros / Cons

Writing an article of 150 words just for $ 1.25 at Standard Level is not my cup of tea. Can you imagine how time-consuming it is?


If you are going to write an original article which you are not going to copy from elsewhere, it will take you almost 3 hours to finish the job. The whole process of putting your pen to paper demands you to invest considerable time.


The minimum wage in countries like the UK is £6.70 per 1 hour, which is equivalent to
$ 9.46. However, at the iWriter platform, a  writer gets $ 1.25 after working for 3 – 5 hours. It’s not as easy as it sounds to earn up to $80.00 per 500 words at a level above Standard


One might see iWriter as a platform which opens its windows of opportunities for people mostly from Africa where unemployment is rife. But from a practical level, the African freelance writer also cannot tap into this ‘opportunity.’



This Is Why? 

Writers in Africa have to meet hefty costs to be able to access the internet. Maybe, due to logistic problems and other complexities.  So, on these grounds alone, certain countries are disadvantaged.


We can plainly see the costs and time invested in taking part in writing content on the iWriter platform not adding up.  The million dollar question to be asked is who benefits from the iwriter platform?


One of the reasons some well-written content gets rejected is certain clients would have specified who the eligible freelance writer is. For example, they write, I am looking for native writers only. However, some instructions left by clients are not all that friendly. Some are not clear and a handful comes across as rude.



You don’t pay any joining fee to start at Standard Level. To progress to the Elite Level, you need to have written 30 articles with high ratings. A dream, which you may never get to see.


iWriter Affiliate Programme

iWriter also runs an affiliate programme. People who join to participate can earn commissions through referrals.



Maybe a writing freelance job is not your cup of tea. I have an idea for you to try writing content for your own website to make money through affiliate programmes. 



If you have any questions related to my post, iWriter Review – Is It Worthy It?, please feel free to leave them below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

6 Comments to “iWriter Review – Is It Worthy It?”

  1. More says:

    Hi, Femia, thank you for this iWriter Freelancer writer review. What I have discovered about the writing market, is that its not easy to penetrate and get contracts.

    Where you manage to get the contracts, another problem surfaces, they don’t pay well enough.

    iWriter is also not my cup of tea. Are there any other writing platforms that you would recommend?

    Many thanks for such a comprehensive review that gives an insight into this world of freelance writing. I have book marked this article for future reference.

    1. Zegu says:

      Thank you so much, More, for sparing your time to leave some invaluable comments. i appreciate.
      I am not surprised iWriter is not something you would go for. It takes time to accomplish a piece of work but with little returns. And that kills the motivation.
      I have heard from colleagues that Upwork, is worthy considering.You get the option to bid for fixed contracts or hourly contracts. At least you make up your mind first on what contracts to leave or take.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi, Femia, thanks for this eye opening review.
    I didn’t know anything about this writing platform called iWriter before.
    After reading your review, I have just learned the importance of doing some thorough research before signing up for some programmes that may convince us to give access to a ticket that generates a lot of income.
    I wouldn’t agree less. I Writer is the one that benefits, not the freelancers especially desperate new starters.
    Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Zegu says:

      Hi, Paul, firstly, thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving some comments.
      I am pleased, you found my iWriter Writers platform review helpful.
      I also am happy that you have learned the usefulness or importance of carrying out a research first to find the authenticity of a program, before you join.
      Many people who have traveled that route, have lived to regret.
      Many thanks!

  3. Jeff Murphy says:

    In the event that you resemble most online organizations, it tends to be hard to stay aware of the consistent interest for new substance. It might appear as though it is advantageous venture to contract a substance author for your site or business, and here and there that is valid. Notwithstanding, contracting the wrong substance essayist for your business can cost you cash.

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, Jeff, thanks so much for sparing the time to read my post, ‘iWriter Review – Is It Worthy It? and also to leave some words of advice.
      I appreciate. I agree with you that contracting a substance author is a great investment for an internet business.

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