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Your Life, Your Job, Your Career Helped You Stay Inspired As A Writer

Most readers are curious to find out what inspires their favourite writer to blog every day. It is a normal reaction and I would do exactly the same if I were wearing their shoes.

Writing Academic Research Papers

It is easy to shrug off influences that might have shaped our writing careers but most writers have bearings from their previous experiences. 

These experiences can be emanating from anywhere. For example, you could have studied Sociology or History at university and this might have a direct bearing on your writing, writing academic research papers. 

Some writers have developed an interest in issues around migration and settlement leading them to choose to blog about migration.

Some writers learned to write essays and  Literature Reviews the time they were students at college or university. 

I’m among the group of writers who half the time they blog, they write about lived experiences. I know how nerve-wracking it is to sit an exam. This inspired me to write Exam Writing Tips.

Writing For Business

Some writers may have professional backgrounds in certain working fields. Having worked in the area of administration gives a writer the flair for writing for business.

Writing for business requires a writing style that matches business language proper format. For example, in Tips To Write A Perfect CV.

Writing for business is quite a broad category.

  1. Writing marketing texts
  2. Writing mission statements
  3. Writing Press Releases
  4. Writing speeches
  5. Writing for the digital market.
  6. Writing memos
  7. writing reports
  8.  writing proposals
  9. writing letter letters

Writing News Stories

I had a brief stint in news sub-editing and that is where I learned how to write news stories and sub-editing them.

Most news writers and news-editors undergo training in journalism. It’s a hands-on type of course that gives people the opportunity to learn on the job.

Why Do People Choose To Write?

The reasons why people choose to write are very broad. Some want to make ends meet by writing for money. And the easiest route is through freelancing and getting published as a writer. 

A freelance writer gets paid for a piece of work or article. A blogger, on the other hand, blogs for a living and becomes an entrepreneur.

To start off, a blogger must have a website of his own website. Followed by creating a blog before monetising it.

Some writers are activists who find writing as a way to further their interests.

The Most Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The most frequently asked question by would-be-writers is ‘How do I start to write?’

I strongly believe that for you to start to write you must take action and begin to write.

Once you start to write (break the ice) you must keep on writing as much as you can. Write continuously and consistently.

You will get better at the act with more writing practice you do.

Also, the feedback that you get from your readers will help you to improve and refine your writing skill.  

What Do I Write About?

Writing Help
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Most people stress about not being a “writer”, educational qualifications are not prerequisites for becoming successful online.

All you need is to communicate with your audience, just like the way you would with a mate. And putting the emphasis on helping people, will build trust and long term success online.

As the East is from the West, so vast are many areas of writing you can tap into. Your commitment and ability to meet your goals will drive you to success.

The Training Route
If you choose to train to become a writer the doors are open.

There are many writing courses you can enrol. Some of them are delivered free of charge. Check out How To Access Online Best Writing Courses.

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If you have any questions related to this post ‘Do You Want To Know How I Stay Inspired As A Writer?’ please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help as soon as possible:)

6 Comments to “How To Stay Inspired As A Writer”

  1. Tracy says:

    Thank you for this refreshing post.

    I think it is true to say that everyone is a bit embarrassed initially to come out and say ” I am a writer “…

    However, as you say, if you have a pen and paper and you can write do your thoughts, knowledge, up -to – date news stories, or whatever… then you should have the courage to come and proudly call yourself one.

    You become a writer the day you first write it all down…

    1. Femia says:

      Hi Tracy, thanks so much, for taking the time to read my post, ‘ “Do You Want To Know How I Stay Inspired As A Writer?” and leave awesome comments.

      You can say that again. A writer becomes a writer the moment he puts his pen on paper.

      I believe we are not born writers but it gets better with the passion we have for writing.

      Also, coupled with self-belief.

  2. Chaka says:

    I enjoyed reading your post.

    Thank you for sharing what inspires many people to write. It puts everything you’ve written on this blog into context.

    What inspires me to write is the burden I have on my shoulders to pass on the way I grew up and the way things were done in my society i.e. where I was born, raised and grew up.

    This inspired me to write my book entitled Growing Up In A Katanga Society.
    What genre do you think my writing is in?

    Once again thanks for sharing.

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, thank you so much for sharing what inspires you to write.

      That is a good cause indeed to pass on knowledge from generation to generation through writing.

      Writing plays a very important role in our everyday lives to inform, educate and entertain. And writing about how things were done in your society is classified as Expository Writing (nonfiction) because you will be talking about real events or real things that used to be practised and explaining the how to do it.

      All the best with your writing projects!

  3. Melinda Curle says:

    One of the best things about writing is that there are so many topics. 

    You mentioned that you could write as an activist. 

    Both sides of issues need writers. Both sides of the issues make money too! 

    I have passed up jobs that I’m not inspired to write about because I don’t feel passionate about them.

    It may take a bit of digging, but I can usually find another writing job that suits me better. 

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, Melinda, thanks so much for sparing time to read my post, ‘Do You Want To Know How I Stay Inspired As A Writer? and leaving invaluable feedback.

      I agree with you on writing on a subject a writer is passionate about. 

      It’s easy to write continuously on a subject of interest. Also, there are affiliate programmes to join to monetise the hobie.

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