How to start a profitable WordPress blog step by step guide

STEP 3 – Setting Your Website

5 Tips On How To Setup A Blog Website  

AT this stage your website has now been created. Congratulations! this is a big accomplishment.

I will now walk you through the process of setting up your website including the removal of “default” content that is installed with every website. Also, to look around at the back office of your website.



It is important to get a web hosting service and to create your website on a reputable platform. 


For your website to operate smoothly it needs a server. Essentially, a web host sells you space on its server to help you hold the data for your website and to make it available.


So, a server is where your blog data is stored and transferred. A server powers your website and troubleshoots whenever it’s necessary. So, this is how important a server is for your website. In fact, your website can’t operate without a server.


Starting a business is not an easy thing because you will be trying to accomplish many things to get started. Money too doesn’t come easy. However, there are several options.


You are free to choose the way you want to access web hosting. One of the options is to choose a FREE  host service.

Costs for host service can be challenging especially if you are getting started. You are probably better off starting with a basic package and upgrade later to premium level as your blog progresses.


It can be tricky to know where to begin. Firstly, do research online to find out templates and features available on various website platforms where you can get free web hosting.

WordPress is perfect for beginners. You will discover that WordPress is among the most popular publishing platforms in the entire world. The reason is WordPress is FREE and it is set up in a way that publishes content easily.

The extra perk you get from the WordPress platform is having plenty of customisable templates at your disposal including features that suit your taste.


Apart from the WordPress platform, there are other reputable web hosts out there. Blogger and SiteRubix platforms are hosting names that ring a bell. 

Blogger is a popular blogging platform known for its is user-friendliness. It is a host most suitable for people with fewer computer skills. To access the blogger platform, you simply create a Google account at and then sign up.


SiteRubix is among web hosts with the most advanced technology and a reputable record. When you sign up on the platform you will get access to its powerful and unparalleled hosting in the WordPress industry.


SiteRubix is a secure, robust and FAST platform for running your website. The platform is reputable for having the most advanced technology which it has developed over the years to keep your business operating at  100% always.


It takes you less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking website which is mobile ready and revenue ready. The moment you install your website on the platform, SiteRubix pre-installs 2 of the most useful plugins for your blog automatically.

Your first step is to activate these plugins. You will get all the help you need including watching a video tutorial which takes you through the entire process of setting up your blog.

In addition, you get instructions in the form of notes. At the end of each tutorial, you are given tasks to do, just to make sure you have understood the process of setting up your blog. 

What the video lesson is designed to achieve.


Video Lesson Objectives

(1) Setting-up website
To walk you through the process of setting up your website step by step.

(2) Accessing website
To make sure you learn how to access the website manually and automatically from a newbie perspective.

(3) Using Back office features
To acquaint you with information on how to use features at the back office of your website. This is where you find menus for posts and pages for creating content.

(4) Activating plugins
To show you how to activate you’re All in One SEO and EWWW Image Optimizer Plugins.

(5) Deleting default dummy content
To delete some of the default dummy content that gets automatically added to every website when it is installed because you no longer need them. This includes the sample page, sample post and sample comment.


Every website at SiteRubix is based on WordPress technology. The reason is WordPress is an open source platform. It is the most widely used and accessed platform in the world with almost 37% of users. It is also the most widely supported platform.

At SiteRubix your website will be WordPress based. What makes the platform stand out is that its more technically developed to make your website more robust. 

Its tools are more sophisticated and managed to make its processes more established and efficient for building your online business.

The process for setting up your blog is easy to follow. It comes with a complete guide that leads you on learning how to access your website to check for your available updates.

Updates are done in two ways by carrying WordPress plugin updates and Theme updates.


You simply click the button which takes you to an overview of all updates. These updates need to be done continuously as and when they come.

In conclusion, after you have chosen a web host to set-up your website with, there are two important things you should do. 

  1. Choose Domain Privacy Protection.
  2. Choose Site Backup Pro only for $ 1.99 per month in the event you lose your work one day. 

The next stage is the activation of your “Plugins” and to explain the benefits of the plugins (feature extensions) that have been installed automatically with your website.

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STEP 4 – Website Themes that Give Purpose!

After finding your blog niche the next step is to choose your website theme. It’s up to you to decide which way to go. You can either opt for a paid theme or choose from FREE themes readily available.


A theme is a design layout people would see when they first arrive at your blog. Did you know that there are over 2,000 free themes at the WordPress repository? Filter them and narrow the search in-line of your niche, for example, Blogging theme. 

If you want a theme with a more sophisticated design, go for premium themes. Most of them come with more technical support which you pay for. 


Before you install any theme whether paid for or a free one, do a preview to check the setup process.   


A website theme plays a significant role. It gives your blog meaning and purpose. What makes a good theme is having a modern look with a simple setup process.


  1. A simple website theme can be easily customized.  It allows you to do many things with it to add your personal touch. For example, Start Blogging theme, which I will talk about later.

  2. A simple theme gets better rankings in Google.

Did you say a simple theme can affect search engine ranking for the better?


Yes, a simple theme is a perfect choice because of its advantages over a sophisticated one.

Here is how it works. A simple website theme which is easy to navigate gives a better user experience. In terms of page speed, a simple theme tends to load quicker.


Most simple website themes do not use large headers, background images or sliders. So they load faster.


You can drastically reduce your website loading time in two ways. 

  1. Editing and Scaling Your Images Directly Inside WordPress. 

  2. Resizing your images using a plugin.


Among the broad range of themes, you can choose from are self-hosted WordPress themes. If you have a blog, you will need to purchase your theme from

Alternatively, you can make use of your host services. A host will provide you with a theme setup service.


Your host will manually install WordPress, your Organic Theme and some essential plugins. In addition, your host will install demo content, set up your theme options, upload your logo, change the background including other essential things.


Inside the WordPress search box type in the niche theme, you are looking for. For example, “blogging theme.”


My search results for a Blogging Theme.

Writing Theme

Things to look out for when you first select a WordPress theme.


WordPress has hundreds and hundreds of website theme templates to select from. If you want something that would work well as a blogging or writing site, you will find plenty of related themes under that category.

Choose a theme that you think looks good and will match your niche. 

I selected the “Blog Writing” theme from the first page of my search results. Have a look through themes that emerge from your search and choose the one you like.

At this stage don’t worry too much if you have made the right choice. Your theme can always be changed (it is very easy to change a theme after you have created your site).


Preview Theme Details

After spotting the theme you are interested in look for the theme details. Use the Demo and Details features to help you to decide which theme you prefer.

When you click on the Demo, you will get a preview of the home page in the default blogroll setting.  

To select a theme after checking several theme details you simply click the “Select ” button associated with the theme of your choice.


This will turn the button into a check mark with the term “Selected” beside it (as shown below). After you have selected your theme, click “Next Step.” 



Advance Blogging Theme by Mohammedashfaque. Advanced Blogging Theme is one of the highly sought-after WordPress themes. Advance Blogging is a clean, minimal and multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme for writing a variety of blogs, for example, lifestyle blogs, food blogs etc. 

Besides being a writer’s theme, the Advance Blogging theme can be used for magazine websites, landing pages and professional portfolios.   

Blogging Advance Blogging theme comes with the readily responsive and cross-browser compatible, highly customizable theme for you to make changes. 

In addition, the Advance Blog theme is SEO friendly and written in clean and secure codes complying with WordPress standards.

The loading speed and design are critical for all websites. Studies show that if a web page doesn’t load within three seconds, the majority of users will click elsewhere. 

The Advance Blogging theme is lightweight and loads fast on all devices, so, it gives a great user experience. 

Using this theme you can give your site the desired look. The theme has multiple layout options, unlimited colours and various template designs. 

It also uses the banner and large sliders to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. More so it’s made on a Bootstrap framework for easy usage, has both an interacting and attractive theme for bloggers out there. Some website themes will provide you with a link to do a demo. 

Professional WordPress Themes

Genesis Themes – The Genesis Theme is one of the most sought-after WordPress themes out there. Genesis is what most business sites would use.  

Genesis Theme – The Perks?

Genesis theme comes with a simple, sleek layout that is fully customisable. The theme is also friendly to Search Engine Optimization and loads faster than other designs due to its framework. 

Load speed and design are critical for all websites. Studies show that if a web page doesn’t load within three seconds, the majority of users will click elsewhere. 

Go Generic Themes

If you don’t want to pay for your theme, there is an alternative way to go round this. That is to choose a generic theme. 

The amount of beautiful free themes to choose from in not countable. The Genesis theme is well followed by thousands of independent web designers. So if you ever want to get someone to customize your beautiful site, you’ve got plenty of people who can do it for you. 

Did you know you can use the WordPress Customizer to change theme options and styles?


With a WordPress Customizer, you can drastically change the appearance and functionality of your WordPress website from one, manageable interface. You can make changes to all theme options and design customization within the core supported customizer.

That means you don’t need to use a lot of plugins to drastically reduce the performance of your site and to set up your theme.


Nowadays some WordPress themes, for example, version 4.7 comes with starter content which is an awesome feature that has already populated helpful content. 

Does Website Colour Matter?

Yes, things like the colour scheme, layout and style elements matter a lot. Give them some serious consideration. 

Using the right colours for your website will have a great impact. Therefore, choose your colour scheme carefully. 

Using Blue colour on your website promotes trust. It is a colour that everyone likes but it should never be used on sites with food as it curbs your appetite. 

Yellow says “warning” but it also says “fun and friendly.” Putting yellow buttons on your site can give a sense of urgency and make visitors purchase. So use yellow in small amounts. Green symbolizes nature and creativity. 

Start Blogging Theme

Start Blogging theme is the theme of this website. It gives you an exceptional style which seems to have been created with a ‘Real World design’ 

It is a writing niche theme with amazing features which include clean lines and unlimited colours that you can personalize utilizing a powerful built-in customizer. It has live previews as you make changes. 

Setup Documentation

The theme comes with setup documentation to help you get started with the initial setup and to learn about its various features: 

  • Create your social icon menu 
  • Customize your theme colours 
  • Add your own copyright name to the footer 
  • Using excerpts for your blog summaries 
  • An introduction to the theme customizer 
  • Download and install your theme 
  • An introduction to the Start Blogging theme.

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In conclusion, every blog needs a website theme that gives it a purpose and meaning. Your theme defines your blog’s overall look, it’s feel and style.

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