How to start a profitable WordPress blog step by step guide

Are you looking for a place to start a wordpress blog without forking out any money? I’ll hold you by the hand and walk you through the process step by step. I’m here to help so that you avoid the common mistakes that almost stopped me dead in my tracks.

I’ve heard form many people that to start a blog and to begin writing is simple. To be honest, I had no clue the time I started. I’ve been writing online (blogging) for over four years. So, I must have learned something in the process. I’m going to recommend only the top-notch services I have used.

The first place that comes to mind, that I recommend you to take a look, is  Wealthy Affiliate (WA). It’s a lot easier to start a blog on WA online platform than anywhere else. You’re given free tools and all the support you need to get started.

If you prefer to do it all on your own, I will go ahead to cover the initial steps on how to create a blog and how you can make your blog profitable.   

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How to start a blog

Blogging is getting trendy nowadays. Many writers have joined the bandwagon of writers who blog for a living. The amazing thing is its not at all difficult to start your own blog with WordPress.  

What is a blog anyway?

A blog is a type of website that focuses on written content (blog posts). A blog works like a diary or a journal. You start off with creating a blog and then afterwards you begin to write on that blog. Bloggers (is a word for people who write on blogs) often write about their opinions and thoughts.

Why you should start a writing blog

There are all sorts of reasons why people start blogs. After being made redundant some people see blogging as an alternative route to get back to work. Others start blogs as a direct influence from their inner circle of friends who would have launched successful blogging careers.

Not all people blog for money. Some bloggers choose topics of interest to write on to build their readership. So, they create blogs with the intention to inform, educate and influence others with their personal opinions.

What writing style do bloggers use?

A blogger uses an informal writing style which is different from the formal style of writing. The informal style is more appealing because it is not disconnected from the audience. To make it as a blogger, connecting with your readers is of absolute necessity.

This connection is further enhanced by the comments readers leave on the blog – “comments” section. In turn, the blogger will communicate back to the readers.

We clearly see that a blog provides a two-way communication process and it’s the right platform where the reader and the blogger gain something. 


  1. Choose a niche
  2. Build your own niche website
  3.  Set up your website
  4. Get your site ready for Search Engines
  5. Create and publish your “About Me” post, Privacy Policy Page and Custom menus on your website.
  6. Understand keywords and start creating your content
  7. Monetise your blog. 

STEP 1: Choose a niche to get rolling!

Your incredible journey to start a blog begins the moment you take the initial step to choose your niche.

Many people get so confused by this word ‘niche.’ I wouldn’t worry much about it at this stage.

The idea is to pick an interest that will inspire you to write about continuously.

When you pick something you are passionate about you tend to work effortlessly and this will lead to great success.

What is a niche?

A niche simply means an area of interest. The idea is to find something that interests you. We all have hobbies or interests that keep us going and motivated. The kind of things we all look forward to each day. 

How do I choose a niche?

How to choose the niche for your blog boils down to an area you can grow, stick to and maybe monetise somewhere down the road. 

Let’s assume my intention is to create my own blog and get paid. To succeed, I should use the blueprint model to monetise my blog.

The blueprint for making money with your blogging

Having said the purpose of a blog is to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. However, you can’t share your thoughts in a random way. To do it in an organised way you need to identify who is your audience?


An audience is a specific group of people you are going to share your information with. And these people will be searching for information that you will help them with. 

To deliver this kind of information to your audience, you must choose a niche. Many writers struggle to figure out which niche to choose. The bottom line is whatever you choose must be something you can comfortably write about and do so continuously. 

If you can’t figure out a niche at this moment, no problem. I know of an online platform that will help you choose the direction of your business from over 1,000,000 different niches.  


A NICHE doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be something you are completely interested in. It can be a hobby or something you are keen to learn more about. It can be a genre you love and enjoy writing in. Let’s take the sports writing genre, for example. Is Sports Writing a good niche?  

You will soon find out if the Sports Niche is good. With a good niche, you are able to narrow your focus to the type of information your audience is searching for. 

Writing Niche

Now it’s clear your audience is a group of people searching for specific information or a specific service you can provide. 

This analogue of a group of people searching for information gives us a picture of what a niche is. Once you know exactly what to focus on you can write content that is targeted at your particular audience. 


I will demonstrate how you can differentiate a good niche from a bad one through the examples listed below after I applied the Alphabet Soup Technique.

The Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup Technique is a strategy for researching niches and keywords. In general, its a strategy for coming up with concepts. It is a free way to research using Google. 

Alphabet Soup is not about the actual soup we all know but a strategy based on Google. How does it work? When you type into google, the term writing (for example). This will give you ideas of what people are typing into the search engine. From my search results, the WRITING niche is too broad. 


Why Writing Niche is not a good niche? Writing is not a niche you’d want because it’s far too broad. 

Why writing niche is too broad?

Writing Help

The image above shows my search results after typing into the 
Google search engine  ‘writing.’ The search results show categories that can be grouped under the writing niche. 



What results show is that the WRITING NICHE is broad because it’s not clear what exactly you are going to write about. Is it Writing good stories or Writing CVs.

Once you narrow your focus, you can go ahead to write content that is targeted with much ease. You need to remember that for your blog to succeed you have to create content continuously. Content that is focused on helping or giving advice to a group of people who are searching for that information.


Again, the FICTION NOVEL niche is broad. Is it writing a Fiction Novel or writing Fiction News? The niche has to be specific. 

Writing Help                    


Another example of a niche that is too broad is a sports niche. In relation to sports its difficult to figure out where to start from. You can be crazy about cricket, a football fanatic or you can rave about rugby. 

In the example above it’s not clear whether your passion is competing in sports or you are more of an avid spectator. 

It all goes to show the need to pick a specific type of spot to focus on. Then you know for sure you are writing an article for basketball fans out there not sports in general. 

If you decide in future to add some ads on your site, those ads have to be basketball related (depending on the type of sport you pick).


  1.  Writing content based on your niche.
  2. Centre all your communication on your niche. 
  3. Promote products in your niche.
  4. Only give information confined within your niche.


Choosing a generic niche, for example, the WRITING NICHE makes life difficult for you as a writer.  You will struggle to give your audience the type of specialised information they are searching for. 

By nature, people are born sensitive. They will not trust generic information. Also, content written in a generic way is not easy to convert to sales if you choose to monetise your blog. 

Create a blog for free and make money

According to 2017 statistics, chances are high that you can run a viable business online considering there were 3.75 billion people using the internet.

This is the ‘audience’ or people searching for certain information to get their problems solved, people prepared to part with their money in order to get what they are searching for.

Don’t try too hard. Almost anything you can think of is a potential niche. If you are creating a blog to make money with, you must balance it up with the type of products you want to promote on on your blog.

After picking your niche, you need to come up with a domain name that is brand-able and grows to become a brand that will draw followers.

The word NICHE is so scary for many!

The word NICHE may scare you off. In simple terms, a niche simply means an area you feel comfortable to help others with information. This is where your blog comes in to help your audience with information about the kind of information your audience is searching for.

Do you want to know the hosting provider I recommend?

WA Community The Most Helpful Community in the World.

Writing Help

Now that you have chosen your niche,the next step we are going to look at is to build your own niche website.

A RECAP of how to start a blog process

STEP 1: Choose a niche.

Congratulations you have found your niche at this stage.


To move on to the next step, checkout Build your own niche website

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