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Writing eBooks - Writing HelpWondering How To Start Writing Ebooks? Read This! 

This article is a continuation of my previous post,  Make Money Writing eBooks. Before you grab your pen to start writing content for your eBook, let’s deal with first things first. Let’s start by examining the purpose of writing an eBook?

To answer this question in a fair way, figure out who your audience is. Also, what kind of information is your audience looking for?

Your eBook should address one of the following 3 key things: 

(1) Solve a problem 

(2) Address a fear or a concern

(3)  Satisfy people’s curiosity about a
      certain subject or debate.

Getting Started

A plan of action will guide you and help you to remain focused until you accomplish your goals. A Mind Map is a great tool for planning and organising your writing.


Another very important thing you ought to do before you start writing your eBook is to look for a website where you will self-publish your eBook. The reason why you need to prioritise this task is that different websites use different in-house guidelines for authors to self publish. This includes resources and tools they leave at the authors’ disposal to self-publish their eBooks.


I will walk you through the self-publishing process authors go through at Lulu Company as well as Amazon. 


Self-Publishing Your eBook Online with Lulu Company 

Lulu offers a publishing platform that will give you access to its resources which you can take advantage of. 

Resources On Lulu PlatformWriting eBook - Writing Help

(1)  eBook Creator Guide

(2) Lulu EPUB converter


Publishing your eBook on Lulu platform is simple than you think. Lulu has some really useful tools to guide you all the way step by step. With the use of such resources, authors can turn their manuscripts into eBooks in a matter of a few minutes.


The Complete eBook Creator Guide is one of the key resources that authors are free to download at no cost. This guide will make a seemingly difficult task so simple.


What is in the guide?

This guide includes everything an author needs to know about writing an eBook and getting self-published. To add, authors get some hints and tips around formatting their manuscripts.


Is formatting necessary?

This is very important for making your manuscript suitable for conversion into an eBook. To make the most of the Complete eBook Creator Guide, as an author you must familiarize yourself first with Lulu’s in-house style. This will make your manuscript ready for conversion into the EPUB formats.


You must complete the editing process of your manuscript first before you make any attempt to upload it onto the Lulu EPUB converter. Once the manuscript is converted into an EPUB, it becomes available on all eReaders and tablets.


eBook Writing Style


Most eBook publishers expect authors to use simple styles for writing their manuscript. The simpler the formatting, the better the eBook looks on an eReader device.


What eBook Content Contains?

An eBook content must carry an introduction, body (comprised of chapters) and a conclusion. Formatting your Word document or Rich Text file correctly is as important as using good grammar.


In terms of fonts, simple fonts are the most prefered. The likes of Arial or New Times Roman, ideal for easy conversion. Also, using simple headings such as Heading 1, Heading 2 and Heading 3 is highly recommended. 


What Websites Promote eBook Self-Publishing?

♦  Lulu – Online self-publishing

♦  Amazon KPD

♦  Nookpress

♦  iTunes Connect and iTunes Producer for iBooks

♦  Kobo Writing Life 


I self-published my ebook, The Fight of Low Self Esteem on the Amazon KPD platform. For me, the process was quick and easy to follow. The reason is that Amazon has guidelines and instructions that authors can use.


Publishing with Amazon KPD

There is one more thing you need to remember! After you have written all the chapters for your fiction novel and have self-published your ebook on Amazon KDP, you can also publish it in a paperback version.


How to Get Started at Amazon?

You properly get started by making necessary preparations.


(1) Get your manuscript ready for publishing by revising your ebook content. Do some proofreading to lookout for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


I noticed something rather weird that after working on a document for a while, you end up not spotting any more mistakes. Even though mistakes can still be found in the manuscript. If you find yourself in that situation, one way of solving the problem is to outsource proofreading support.


(2) Prepare your eBook Cover. There are two ways of doing this. You are free to design your own cover or to use a cover that has already been designed available on the Amazon platform.


How Do I Design My Own Cover?

To design your own cover, one option is to use the KDP Cover Creator. And you are also free to use an image of your choice.


Alternatively, you can choose a cover from Amazon’s already made covers that you can find on Amazon Cover Creator.


If you prefer to do your cover elsewhere, you are free to design it on a different website platform. For example, you can do it at Canva. Afterwards, you can upload your cover on the Amazon platform.


Manuscript and Cover Tools

When you have completed all the preliminary steps, you are now ready to proceed and upload your manuscript. Don’t forget to upload the cover as well. Definitely, it this will transform your manuscript into a formatted Kindle eBook.


Editing and Previewing

To make sure everything is in place, take a preview of your manuscript. Edit it if necessary. 


Kindle eBook Details

Before you hit the publishing button, there is something you need to attend to. You need to complete a certain section with specific information for your eBook. Information to include covers the eBook Title, Brief Description, Keywords, Category etc. 


Basically, that says it all, the process of self-publishing your eBook with Kindle Direct, where you publish free of charge. The amazing thing is your eBook immediately reaches millions of readers on Amazon.


Publishing Your Paperback

If you decide to have a paperback version of your eBook, you are free to publish it on the same Amazon platform. 


Marketing Your eBook

Amazon has various ways and systems in place to help authors market their eBooks. If your budget doesn’t allow you, there is an alternative method. You use Amazon’s Free Promotions to market your ebook.


Promoting your eBook through a third-party website is another way. However, you need to make sure the third party sticks to Amazon’s agreed terms and conditions.


Another option is to promote your ebook from your website. You do this by linking code from Amazon to your book The Fight Against Feelings of Low-Self Esteem.


Writing an eBook may not be something you are particularly fond of. It may be something outside your comfort zone but you are keen to learn more about blogging. I have a training course in mind I recommend.


If you have any questions related to How to Make Money Writing eBooks please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to give a response as soon as I can. 

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  1. Mary says:

    Thank you, Femia, for this informative post which has opened my eyes.
    I’m now in the picture of the process that goes on for someone to self-publish their eBook.
    Like you rightly advised, I will do some research first to find the website with resources and systems in place I can comfortably use.
    I have a question if you don’t mind explaining, Femia? Do I pay to join the Amazon Kindle Publishing platform? I was looking for free publishing.

    1. Femia says:

      Thank you, Mary, for taking your valuable time to leave some really useful comments.
      I am excited by the realisation that my post has helped you.
      This has encouraged me to aim higher and to write more informative articles in the future.
      Coming to your question, Lulu and Amazon are online platforms you can join for FREE to self-publish your eBook.
      In addition, you can rely on Amazon’s FREE promotions to market your eBook.
      hopefully, that answers your question. Please let me know if you need further help. I will be more than happy to assist.

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