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‘A writer is self-taught’ is the sound advice often passed on to people aspiring to become writers. There are many routes you can take leading to a writing career. I am one of the sceptics doubtful of the concept, ‘writers are self-taught.’ I believe there is a group of people who are not confident enough to launch their writing careers unless they receive some form of training. Getting access to best online writing courses certainly bridges the gap.

What prevents most writers from starting their writing careers can’t be completely pinned down to one reason. Feelings of inadequacy are probably one of the biggest stumbling blocks. Fear is quite debilitating and has the power to stop would-be writers from chasing their dreams.


Confidence Is Key

Lack of confidence affects how a person thinks, acts to the extent of how a person feels about those around him. Lack of confidence stands in the way of any progress a writer can think of.



Contrary to the belief ‘A writer is self-taught’ I have ample evidence to show that people who enrol for online courses get a confidence boost.

Personally, I think any person can acquire writing skills through learning, the same way people would acquire skills through online courses.  


Open Universities

Open universities have opened their doors to people with no formal academic qualifications so that they can enrol for Distance Education courses online. The ultimate goal is to give everyone equal opportunities to develop their competencies through training in diverse areas.


I have researched and unearthed a few open universities that award learners with degrees, diplomas and certificates on completing their courses.


  1. Open University Writing Course


  2. Open University Creative Writing Free
  3. Open University Creative Writing MA


  4. Free Writing Courses UK


Open2Study runs a specialized short course, Writing For The Web – Write Web, delivered free of charge. As a learner, you are expected to set aside 2-4 hours every week for study. The course duration varies depending on the learners’ individual circumstances. On successfully completing the course, learners are awarded Certificates of Achievement.


Although it is not a formal or credit qualification, learners can still benefit from the course by using it as proof to demonstrate their interest in learning – to future employers. 


The Writers’ Academy

The Writers’ Academy runs 2 Creative Writing courses online tailored for budding writers so that they get better at writing.


(1) The Creative Writing for Beginners.


(2) Constructing A Novel.


Only complete novice are eligible to enrol. That is writers who want to write their first novels. In terms of payment, learners are given the option to pay in full or in 3 monthly instalments. The Writers’ Academy courses are completely run online and have no regulations that stand in the way to restrict learners from learning.

Regulations such as Live Lectures, Tutorials and Login times are unheard of. Instead, learners have the flexibility to study at the best time suitable for them.

Do you want to know who is in charge of the Writers’ Academy?

Penguin Random House is in charge, the world’s leading publisher, making Writers’ Academy a trusted training provider.

The Writers Bureau

The Writers Bureau runs a Comprehensive Creative Writing Course.

Anyone is eligible to enrol regardless of age and educational background. 

Learners study part-time in the comfort of their homes and get expert help from tutors. The price for the Writers’ Bureau course is
£ 424.00. Payments are in cash or instalments. If you decide to take a break for any reason you are free to resume whenever you return.



Coursera offers online courses that are open for everyone to enrol and the course is run for 4-8 weeks. Learners pay an enrollment fee and get Certificates on completion. Coursera helps learners with financial assistance after applying for help.


Coursera’s courses are taught by top-class instructors sourced from the world’s top universities and educational institutions. Introduction to HTML5 is one of the writing courses on offer. It is good for learners who need basic step-by-step guidance. The course ends with a small project where learners are expected to complete a very simple 1-page with links and images. 


Open edX
Open edX is a child of Harvard University. It offers high-quality courses for learners from any part of the globe.
Open edX ‘s Philosophy:


No one is born with good writing skills. Therefore, it takes time and effort to learn to perfect a person’s skills.

Open edX has designed its 6 introductory courses to help learners improve on written communication, business emails and job applications.

  1. English Grammar & Essay Writing


  2. English for Journalists: Key Concepts


  3. English for Journalists: Free Speech and Media Trends


  4. English Writing and Composition How to Write An essay


Udemy offers ‘Becoming A Writer, a course is designed to build a learner’s confidence and writing techniques. As part of the course, learners are given some warm-up writing exercises every day to learn the basics of writing great Non-fiction in 3 minutes.

Other Learning Providers Besides Online Courses

There are several options one can explore to acquire new writing skill, apart from online writing courses. The internet is a beautiful place to begin your SEARCH. It has plenty of free resources to help you learn and this includes the YouTube. Who could have thought the YouTube is a source of useful skills you need to improve your writing? YouTube contains awesome channels, you can use to get new skills.

To add, Podcasts are another source to get some useful skills. The pros of podcasts are they give you the opportunity to listen to any podcast related to your specific training needs. Believe me, you can actually learn high-quality new courses that will add value to your set of skills such as writing your Resume. Podcasts are equally good for improving your reading, vocabulary as well as increasing your productivity and enhancing your image.

Practice Makes Perfect! If At First, You Don’t Succeed, Try Again. 

Writing well and becoming a perfect writer, all comes through learning and a LOT OF PRACTICE. A writer can never taste the sweet taste of success unless the writer starts to write. Indeed, practice makes perfect Equally important, is finding a genuine training provider.

My no. 1 (#) Recommendation 
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Hopefully, you found this post, 
How To Access Best Online Writing Courses, informative. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.

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  1. GhostwritingLLC says:

    Most likely internet writing course will be useful, yet you before you approach you to have to comprehend or perceive your requirements for courses.

    Is it about demonstrable skill or is it about growing your abilities?

    Various courses educate and set up their understudy in exceptional structure to accomplish something profession field. Ensure you become more acquainted with those things.

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, thanks so much for taking the time to read my post, ‘How To Access Best Onlne Writing Course,’ and leaving some awesome tips.

      I completely agree with you on trying to establish requirements first before setting out to search for a suitable course. At Wealthy Affiliate platform, people get both demonstrable skills and notes.

      The same applies to the Writers Bureau where the teaching uses both a theoretical and demonstration approach.

      Some writing courses are tailor-made to best suit career development needs. It pays to do a research first. Thanks for the eye-opening brilliant ideas.

    2. Femia says:

      Thank you for leaving invaluable comments for my post, ‘How to access best online writing course.,
      You mentioned critical things for getting the most out of online writing courses.
      Its important to find information first to what the courses offers and if it meets the training needs for a an individual writer.

    3. Femia says:

      Thank you for leaving invaluable comments for my post, ‘How to access best online writing course.,
      You mentioned critical things for getting the most out of online writing courses.
      Its important to find information first to what the courses offers and if it meets the training needs for a an individual writer.

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