Cheap Tickets Flights -Personal Essay Sample

Cheap Tickets Flights -Personal Essay Sample

Writing A Personal Essay – Cheap Tickets Flights

To write a personal story you must use the Narrative Writing style. This is the ”the type of writing used for longer text for both fiction and nonfiction. Its purpose is to impart information, to construct and to communicate a story with characters, conflict and settings.”

Personal Essays fall into the category of creative nonfiction, which is an umbrella niche for a lot of categories which include novels, poems and news stories.

Depending on what you choose to write, the most important thing to remember when you are writing a personal essay is to captivate the interests of your readers and drawing your information from lived experiences. 

My online scrawl is offers writing help for beginners. However, the advice would be incomplete unless it addresses the practical side of writing.

Writing is a practical subject which needs a lot of practice to be able to write well. This is where ‘Cheap Tickets Flights – Personal Essay Sample’ comes in to showcase how to write a personal essay. 

Personal Essay Sample

The last time I booked my flight ticket online for my trip to Zimbabwe things almost didn’t go to plan. Hopefully, by sharing my personal travel experiences I will help someone who is planning a trip to Harare in the near future. 

I travelled there this year (2017) towards the end of August. It was that time of the year when prices for airline flights are at their peak. 

This was due to summer about to come to an end. A time when most people will be trying to make the most of the few remaining weeks, the busiest time of the year.

This journey was not planned. I had to fly there for an emergency. If I had made prior arrangements, like I usually do, I would have bought my air ticket at least 5 months before my leaving date.

I could have made some huge savings from making down payments of my airfare in instalments. This time, I did not have the chance to compare fares because all prices were above £ 1,000, 00.

I realised that getting an air ticket at a low cost was a mission not to be accomplished. That triggered my frantic search on Google, looking for the cheapest airline with tickets to Zimbabwe via Ethiopia.

The reason why I was supposed to pass through Ethiopia was that at the time there were no more direct flights that were going to Zimbabwe. The situation had been going on for a while. At least, for more than 4 years.

The only way to go to Harare was by connecting flights from other international airports. I preferred using the Ethiopian Airline since it had the least stopover time.

So, the search began. I was so engrossed in my search such that I didn’t realise the difference between two groups of websites that emerged from the search. These were websites promoting Ethiopian flights including the Ethiopian Airline official website.

In my haste and desperation to get the cheapest ticket online, I found myself talking to a representative from an agent promoting the cheapest Ethiopian flights instead of talking to an Ethiopian Airlines representative.

I didn’t realise this until I had deposited the cash into a bank account. When I phoned the rep to inform him I had completed the transaction, he was quick to say I had missed the deadline. So, he wanted me to folk out £ 150.00 on top.

That caused a sudden release of adrenaline to my body. I knew something fishy was happening. I did another search on Google, this time looking for information about scams for flight tickets.

The information I came across sent goosebumps all over my body. I read something along these lines, ‘Scam, criminals create duplicate websites of real travel agencies.’

What that meant was scams were not new. In fact, many people had been tricked through scam websites using legitimate logos and offering amazing travel deals.

I rang the representative again. I told him in no uncertain terms that I had no money for topping up. I didn’t succeed in getting my electronic ticket as I had been promised nor in getting my money reimbursed.

I continued to call the office for three consecutive days before I finally resorted to contacting the agent I had bought a ticket for my trip, the previous years. Fortunately, he agreed to help and to chase the agent up.

He contacted the agent. I don’t know what he said to them but I got sent an electronic ticket in the end. At first, I was not convinced it was a genuine ticket after the ordeal I had gone through.

So, I rang the Ethiopian Airlines so that they could cross-check by the flight and reference number if the ticket was genuine.

It’s true that illegal ticketing websites exist and pretend to supply online tickets. Then, they will take your money but will not give you a ticket.

Cheap- Tickets- Flight

    Cheap Tickets Flight

Lessons Learned


(1) Before purchasing a ticket online, you need to check if the website is genuine. You can find out if a ticketing website is genuine by looking at the feedback customers leave behind. Here is an example of how the reviews read.


Latest customer reviews on Ethiopian Airlines flights

Disappointed I lost my luggage and your staff are not concern to help.


To find customer reviews, you enter the website name into a search engine. You will be able to judge from buyers’ comments if they received their tickets.

(2) You need to check contact details on the website. A landline telephone and a full postal address are a must-have. Avoid using sites with no fixed landlines and postcodes as they can be difficult to get in touch after you have bought your ticket.

(3) After buying a ticket from an agent, you need to crosscheck with the airline by your flight number and a ticket number. In case you turn up at the airport and discover your flight doesn’t exist.

I know I did a stupid mistake by going ahead to purchase a ticket online without carrying out the necessary checks. 

I don’t know if its one of the common thinking mistakes our brains to make every day, but what I now know is that these mistakes are repeatedly being done. To make matters worse, it’s happening on a daily basis.

Hopefully, you find my post ‘Cheap Tickets Flights – Personal Essay Sample’ will help you make some informed decisions. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as I can.







4 Comments to “Cheap Tickets Flights -Personal Essay Sample”

  1. Sue says:

    Femia, you were extremely lucky to get the ticket in the end despite the ordeal you went through. This experience has really opened my eyes. Next time I want to get an air ticket I will do my homework first before buying anything.

    1. Femia says:

      Hi, Sue. You can say that again. That’s very true. I often hear about such kind of stories over the news without putting much thought into it. I was fortunate to get help and to go ahead with my trip. I can’t imagine how I was going to cope, had it not been that a good Samaritan intervened. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate.

  2. Eseoghene udueni says:

    I am about flying to lagos. Someone told me he will “write” a ticket for me. I should just pay a cheaper amount than the original amount… Is it possible to “write” a ticket?

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, thanks for stopping by and for asking a question.
      I don’t know much about selling air tickets. So, I can’t help you much, I was just sharing my travel ordeal last time I bought an air ticket.
      The advice I can give you is you need to check if the ticketing agent is genuine. You can find this by looking at the feedback left by customers about the ticket agent.
      You can also do this by entering the site name into a search engine. You will be able to tell from the comments left by customers if they received their tickets.
      Hopefully, that helps. Good luck!

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