Build Your Own Niche Website

Tips for how to create a blog with WordPress

Blogging is becoming trendy. If you want to join the bandwagon its not difficult to start your own blog. To get rolling make sure you have the following ingredients.

  1. You must have your own niche, which, I’m sure you have found it by now.
  2. You must have a domain. How can I get a domain? One way is buy your own domain. Alternatively, you can get a free site on a sub-domain. For example, at SiteRubix.
  3. Find your blog name. At SiteRubix Platform you get to choose your blog theme. For more details checkout Choosing Website Theme.

Choosing a niche and domain name

As I’ve already emphasised, for you to get started choose your niche. And this will be followed by choosing your domain name.

Choose Brandable Domain Name
Make sure you choose a brand-able name that will grow to a brand that draws followers. 

The usefulness of a website

  1. A website is a platform where you create your content.
  2. A website is a strategic place where you will display your product links for marketing purposes.
  3. It is also a place where your visitors connect with you.
  4. Most companies create websites to have an online presence. So it is a tool useful for their success. 


5 Reasons why WordPress is simply the best

Before I walk you through the steps to create a website with WordPress, I will show you why WordPress is the best.

  1. WordPress is one of the most trusted and used platforms for Content Management Systems in the world.
  2. Almost 31% of all websites are run on WordPress which goes to show that users have full confidence in WordPress.
  3. WordPress platform can accommodate small and large websites.
  4. WordPress websites are customisable so that you can get the look you want from thousands of free and paid themes that are available.
  5. WordPress users can access help and support from its massive community of users.
  6. People with small businesses who are  operating on tight budgets can access WordPress and using it helps them to get on their feet while their businesses grows.

What's required to build a website at WordPress?

  1. Free and paid themes you can get at:
  2. Support forum at

Choosing your blog domain name

The next step is choose your domain name (website name). Deciding a domain name can be challenging. A domain name is the website ‘name’ or the web address where users can visit your site, for example,

A domain name with option for email address

Choose a domain with an option for you to choose an email address that uses your website address, for instance, femia@myonlinescrawl.comDon’t underestimate the power of an email address for your online presence.

TIP: Try not to use a personal email address because it’s not professional. 

Purchase a domain name through a domain name registrar which has its own set of features. You need to identify a name that fits your niche. Once you have done that you do your payment to register your domain name for a set period.  

Choose Brandable Domain

Choose a brandable domain name bearing in mind that you cannot change it once it goes LIVE. With the help of a trusted service provider, you quickly get started.

A shorter name is better for people to remember and to type into a browser. Once a domain is bought, you can’t change it later except the website names that can be changed.


Below is a video to walk you through the SiteRubix website platform to show you how quickly and efficiently you can build a websiteB


No that you’ve built  your own niche website. checkout, Set up your website 

10 Comments to “Build Your Own Niche Website”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Very good article with lots of detail about making a blog and plenty of advice to help someone along the way

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, thank you for sparing your precious time to read my post.
      I am pleased to hear that you found my post informative and you have actually learned something about how to start a profitable blog. It doesn’t mean all people start their blogs for free. It depends on the hosting provider you choose.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    I really found this article, ‘Start Your Blog For Free’ very interesting but I am eager to find out how Affiliate Marketing has helped you to grow and make money from everything you have written. Also, what motivates you as a writer and what has inspired you to create these pieces of work and what have you got planned for the future?

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, Jeffrey, thank you so much for taking your time to leave me some useful feedback and comments on my post, ‘Start Your Blog For Free.’
      I am happy to know my post is of interest to you and you would want to hear more about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online training that teaches how to build and grow an internet business. The business can be a blog. WA will teach you how to get started by building your website and how to write content good for your website visitors. Basically, WA will give you everything you need: hosting service, training and tools for your blog.
      Coming to your 2nd question, what has motivated me is finding out I can monetise my blog and that it works. I tried the Google Adsense programme and earned some cash. I have also written a Quick Read eBook, just to start with. For details about this ebook, read my Writing An eBook Article.

  3. Admire says:

    Thank you, Femia, for this eye-opening post you have written on Start Your Blog For Free.
    I have learned a lot from your article. Now I have various options I can explore to start my blog for free.
    I see your point here in exploring ways of earning a living writing about a subject I am passionate about. Do you thing Writing is a good niche for my website?
    I’m curious to join the Wealthy Affiliate platform you mentioned..

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, many thanks for sparing your time to read my post and leave some feedback.
      I am happy to hear that you found my post informative and that you are keen to join Wealthy Affiliate.
      It’s a decision you will never regret because the platform has so much to offer.
      It’s a platform that is designed for people of all levels. Whether you are just getting started WA is made for you! Get Started

  4. Memory says:

    Thank you so much for the walk-through guide explaining how to start a blog and blogging for money.
    There are thousands of people who have started their blogs but that doesn’t make it easy.
    What makes the difference is having the know-how of starting a blog properly. A job you have done so well in this article leaving me well informed how to go about it to start a blog for free.
    Thanks so much. I can’t wait to read about the other vital component of blogging – SEO, that you mentioned.

    1. Femia says:

      Hi, Memory, firstly, I would like to thank you for stopping by and read my post.
      Also, thanks for the feedback. I’m really pleased to hear that you found this post ‘Start Your Blog’ informative.
      This is an overview on how to get started. I will focus in great detail on some of the things I mentioned including SEO, Wealthy Affiliate Hosting service and how to set-up your blog so that it gets running.
      Keep checking for updates.

  5. Glady says:

    After reading this post all I want to do is to start my blog in an area I’m so passionate about – counselling. I want to offer my counselling service to youth who seem caught up in a world with so much going on.

    In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives these days it may not seem obvious but some young people feel trapped.
    I want to leave some hints and tips for these young people on my site.

    1. Femia says:

      Hello, Glady, first of all, I would like to thank you for stopping by and leave some invaluable comments.
      I am pleased to know that you have already identified the purpose of your blog.
      Also, the fact that you will be writing for a noble cause. Young people are the future leaders of tomorrow and counselling them is a great thing I’m proud of.
      I have no doubt your blog will be successful.
      All the best!

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