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Myonlinescrawl.com is a website I created to help beginners to get started to write. The idea stemmed from my futile attempts, when I started, to find information on how to start to write as a speaker of English as a second language.

I intend to help new starters with no experience, begin to write and make improvements to their communication skills essential for every writer.

How to start to write

It doesn’t matter you are a complete novice, this site is strongly connected to all things writing. There is no prescribed method on how to start to write. The motivation and source of inspiration vary from writer to writer. Some authors write to inform, educate, entertain and promote their businesses. While others write to have a voice.

Beginners writing exercises

You may want to invest in a course to polish up your writing skills. Courses with embedded writing exercises are most beneficial. They give new starters a picture of what it feels like to write for a particular genre.

Writing Help for Beginners In Writing Styles

Writing style examples
Did you know that 4 writing styles form the umbrella under which all writing genres are grouped including writing fiction and nonfiction? 

  • Expository writing style
  • Descriptive writing style
  • Narrative writing style
  • Persuasive writing style.

Academic writing examples

Academic writing covers topic selection, research planning, methodology, structuring and dissertation write-up.

Getting paid for writing

If you choose to monetise your writing by selling your writing articles, you must study the market you intend to write for. Once you are skilled to write for specific markets its very easy to sell your articles and other written materials. 

Writing for the web

Examples of writing genres

Writing Online

Writing a book

Writing a book demands you as a writer be cooperative and to look out for advice from agents, publishers including best-selling authors. Liaise with all people who are going to help you become what you are aspiring for. Being a lone-ranger in this field of work will not pay off. Writing a book requires a hands-on approach to the writing and editing processes.

Finding the right publisher is key plus a pinch of self-discipline on your part to remain focused from start to finish.

Writing songs

Writing good songs is a skill you can perfect through practice. Approaches to songwriting are diversified and you must use the right techniques. It is not straight forward to come up with unforgettable melodies and to think of creative lyrics while you are writing songs. To excel in this genre, you must look for help from experts and writers who are now successful songwriters.

Writing poetry

To write good poetry you need to avoid the use of cliche, abstract words and sentimentality. However, making use of images, metaphors and similes are encouraged.

For me, the difference between writing a poem and a song is not very clear. Lyrics must be kept shorter and verses in a song are meant to evoke human emotions that relate to people’s experiences. In contrast, a poem is experienced by individuals in different situations, events and places.

Writing news stories

A news story must always have 3 main elements namely: an introduction, main body and the conclusion. Journalists will tell you what makes a good story are the 5 ‘W’s and the ‘H.’ Meaning, you must be specific when you write news stories and explain the 5 Ws.

  1. Why did the incident happen?    
  2. Where exactly did it happen?
  3. When did it happen?
  4. What happened?
  5. Who was involved?

Writing news covers a wide range of topics:

  • Interviewing
  • Observation
  • The community as the context
  • Visual elements
  • About life

Why in-house writing style is important?

Most organisations have their in-house styles for writing and these come in different forms. It can be a manual style guide for writing publications with a set of standards every writer in the organisation should adhere to. What are the benefits of a style guide? A writing house-style allows organisations to present their brand consistently.

All forms of writing are grouped under 4 umbrellas namely: expository writing style, descriptive writing style, narrative writing style and persuasive writing style. 

If you have any questions about this site, my online scrawl, please feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to respond as soon as possible 🙂

Keep Writing!