Hello! And Welcome. I am an author aspiring to get my works published. I have a Social Research background and live in the UK. Thank you for stopping by my site. My website offers basic information on the subject of writing. Including some hints and tips gathered over the years to help out someone who wants to start writing but has no clue where to start from.

Maybe you speak English as a second language and that is freaking you out. You are not alone. Don’t let it stand in your way or allow it to squash your dream. 

I have always had a burning passion for becoming a fully-fledged writer. At the age of 13, my dream almost came true. I had my first article published in the then Parade Magazine, which unfortunately is now defunct. I can’t describe how I felt. It was an unforgettable feeling, the first time I had ever experienced any writing success. This gave a great boost to my confidence, leaving me fully convinced that writing is part of me. And it’s something I should do for the rest of my life.

I am an observant person and quite creative. I have a keen interest in developing new ideas, producing imaginative and original work. In whatever I do, I always display a great deal of energy and enthusiasm.

I am a family person, I value professionalism, keeping promises and openness. I am passionate about what I do. Reading novels has always been one of my favourite pastimes. I enjoy travelling, knitting, gardening and watching documentaries.

I hope you will find the information on this website useful. My strong feeling is learning is a two-way process, so please feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers, Femia

Founder of:

email: femia@myonlinescrawl.com


6 Comments to “ABOUT ME”

  1. Jay says:

    Hello Femia! I think you are doing a great thing here, teaching people about writing. I personally am a bit of a writer myself! I love creating stories, fiction ones that is. I also enjoy reading novels as well, and who doesn’t like a good novel to just take you away from time to time?

    I’ll have to stop by and pick up some tips for myself. I always wanted to become an accomplished writer 😀

    1. Femia says:

      Hi, Jay, thank you so much for your encouragement. I am not an expert in writing, but over the years have learned some lessons here and there.

  2. Kris says:

    Hi Femia, you have a really beautiful looking website.
    I can tell you are passionate about what you do, that absolutely shows through your writing so I congratulate you on that success. I hope in helping others, you find every success and realise your dream of becoming a writer. Thanks for sharing, Kris

    1. Femia says:

      Thank you very much, Chris, for you encouraging words.

  3. Billy says:

    Hi, Femia, I think you have something really good going on here on your site.
    I love the idea of engaging your visitors by asking them to share their experiences.
    All the best. Joseph.

    1. Zegu says:

      Hi, Billy, thank you very much for stopping by.
      Comments and experiences visitors leave below every article I write will make a great contribution to the information on this site. I personally see learning as a continuous process in our lives. Also, we all learn from each other.

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